Waterfall Bay to Camp Falls

Walking in the Tasman National Park can be an absolute delight and this walk is no exception .You can combine this walk with the Devils Kitchen to Waterfall Bay walk or the Tasman Trail which goes all the way to Fortescue Bay, or drive to Waterfall Bay to start. There is a steep section near the start of the track so walkers should be reasonably fit or willing to take it slowly. Children should be closely supervised due to the unfenced cliffs in the area.

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The walk takes you through Stringybark forest with an understory of Musk, Dogwood, Bedfordia and Native Cherry (you can eat the fruits). There are also clumps of aptly named Cutting Grass so watch out, the silica crystals along the edges of the leaves will slice skin with ease. Waterfall Creek is the source of the huge cascade at Waterfall Bay.

When you cross it upstream, you will find a sheltered area which is great for a picnic, and a series of further cascades. These include Camp Falls and Shower Falls, where you can climb into a cave behind the curtain of water.

This Tasman National Park walk has everything Manferns streams ,waterfalls and exhilarating clif top views.

From the Camp Falls picnic area the track diverges. One route continues along the coast to Waterfall Bluff (sensational views south) Towards the totem pole and candlestick and Cape Hauy,The view from the cliffs edge at waterfall bluff is mind blowing as the photograph shows. While another track climbs to Clemes Peak and/or Tatnells Hill. It continues all the way to Fortescue Bay and is known as the Tasman Coastal Trail into the heart of the Tasman National Park. Steve Hitchen