Fortescue Bay to Cape Hauy

A well formed walking track that takes you to the end of Cape Hauy in the Tasman National Park, one of the most distinctive landmarks of the Tasman Peninsula. The end of the Cape has been sliced up like a loaf of bread to form the two rounded islands called “The Lanterns”, and the tall, narrow “Candlestick”. Tucked away next to the Candlestick is the famous “Totem Pole” an unbelievably narrow spire of rock, completely surrounded by treacherous water.

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The views from Cape Hauy take in Cape Pillar and Cathedral Rock, and, on a good day you can see as far north as Schouten Island, off the end of Freycinet Peninsula. The Forestcue Bay to Cape Hauy bushwalk enjoys the contrast between the wild ocean coast and the quiet waters of Fortescue Bay with its white sand beach. Another highlight of the walk is a lovely stand of Oyster Bay Pines tucked away in a creek bed about 20 mins from the start.