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Sun Rise View Gallery

Light and Colour Change Gallery

Tasman Island - Tasmania

Atop 220 mtr high vertical sea-cliffs and surrounded by Cathedrall Rock, Cape Pillar, The Blade and The Chasm, Tasman Island would have to be considered the center piece of the Tasman National Park.

Carved out of Jurasic Dolerite by the great Southern Ocean and seperated from the Tasman Peninsula by a 1200 mtr wide chasm the island's lighthouse adds the finishing touch to a stunning feature of the Tasmanian coastline.

Tasman Island Lighthouse.

Lighthouses of Australia Inc. History, features, operation and images of the Tasman Island Lighthouse, the keepers cottage, the flying fox and tramway.

Tasman Island Photo Gallery

Images of Tasman Island taken from vantage points on the island. Images include the lighthouse, remains of the old double tramway down the sea cliffs and ruins of other smaller buildings. The view looking back towards the south east tip of the Tasman Peninsula and Cape Pillar is particularly interesting.

Tasmania State Libary Tasman Island Images

A collection of 1807 - 1930's prints and photographs from the Tasmaniana Library, W.L. Crowther Library and Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts.